Family owned is one of the key things here people. Its going on 3 years now that I got full custody of 4 out of 6 daughters. I couldn't afford to buy a car straight cash , my credit wasn't great would have been paying a very high interest rate and I needed a reliable vehicle to commute back and fourth from fall river to Boston for work . plus all the traveling I had to do with appointments for the kids. Affordable understood my situation. I was very honest with them and they helped me out when I was in need. As a single Dad I'll never forget that. That's why just last week we leased another vehicle from them for our big family . A 13 passenger E-150 van. I see some negative comments on here about how over priced the cars are, how they had issues with them, how they can get one cheaper at a action etc. First of all you wouldn't have gone there if you had good credit, you would be financing a Brand new car but you can't!! Second car are over priced?? Well let see your paying interest , your registration and other fees are added into the price. All your doing is given them a down payment , proof of insurance and they do all the running around for you to have your car ready to drive. Why do people think that going to the auction saves them money? I ran a small family owned dealership in taunton for a couple of years. I have friends still to this day with dealer licenses. I won't buy a car from the action unless it's being bought by a dealership and gone through it. Small dealerships take some risks as well buying from a auction. I had to junk plenty of cars and take a loss on them because it wasn't worth fixing. If you never been to a auction its not one car at a time with one auctioneer. Its multiple lanes with multiple auctioneers screaming out numbers all at the same time. So for those who say they find the cars over priced and rather get one from the auction. Go right ahead hand over your money to the guy or gal that's going to "hook you up" with a car and make a quick 500 on you. You'll get what you wanted a cheaper car from the auction but with no warranty and no one to hold responsible if something goes wrong with your car. Good luck!! All cars have issues eventually , you'll have less if you keep up with the maintaince. I'm 100% sure that if something was wrong with your car Affordable would fix it. Even if you've had it for a year now and something goes wrong they will work with you to fix it. You can't expect them to replace a engine if you never put oil in your car. Then talk bad about them cause it was your fault. Like I said in the beginning its a family own business your honest with them they will help you out. Especially if you get into hard times like we sometimes do. Talk to the lovely woman that handles payments and she will work with you.

Tiffany Marie Drew reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

March 27, 2017 ·

Had a great experience overall with Lucy and leasing my car. Great for people struggling with credit, like I was. Had a few minor issues with my car when I first got it, they fixed it right away, no problems. They worked with me for my initial down payment, so I am really greatful. Finished my final payment last week. I'd definitely recommend. �

Kimberly M Copley reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

March 8, 2017 ·

I bought a car from here last year kept up with the maintenance and the car was great. 2 weeks ago my car was hit while parked in front of house and was totaled. I called right away and told them what happen without hesitation they said come down and we will get you into another car. That's exactly what they did! Quick and easy thank you again for your help!

Amanda Lynn Hammerle reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

October 12, 2017 ·

They r the best deff go there to get a car no credit needed just money up front and if u get in accident with there car they help u out there and they r nice people to �

Marisabel Hair Work reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

October 26, 2017 ·

Highly recommend this place! loved my service and the outcome of the process with getting a new vehicle

Kirstin Marie Braley reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

July 29, 2016 ·

I had a good car with good mileage but would cost me more than necessary to fix. I have a 5 month old baby girl, no AC working, a full time job, and didn't even feel it was safe enough to put her in the car to go anywhere in this heat. Affordable Auto Sales saved us. I walked in there yesterday just to look at my options and drove away with a great car this afternoon. Lucy was great and so easy to work with! I felt so confident driving away with my baby girl in my new car. Thank you guys so much! I recommend anyone to check them out and trust them!

Really good people to deal with and great deals they do there best for everyone
Very good dealership and love them staff , make u happy and work with all customers ��

Missy Fournier reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

January 6, 2017 ·

I always bring my own personal mechanic with me,when buying car.He picks up on the shit that just off. Lets them know that its messed up. So how do we fix this. My mechanic can fix it & give u a bill or sell a proper functioning car.

Heidi Charrett reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

March 22, 2017 ·

Bought a car from affordable was only 20 weeks left to pay it off it got totaled. Lucy had me go down there n got me into a new car. Lets just say i paid it off within a year. Loved both my cars...

Margaret Medeiros reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

February 17, 2016 ·

Lucy, John, Margarita and staff treated me aweome! I bought a 2002 PT Cruiser from them 2 years ago, they accommodated me in every way possible. John is the co owner/ mechanic and 1 year after I bought my car I hit a pot hole and my pipe fell and I went to them for help and he fixed it without charge, also filled my a/c for me and any lil or big issue I had they accommodated me. Hands down best buy here pay here I've ever came across!!! Honestly if u need a used car, I highly recommend you go see them. I was beyond satisfied.

Sharples Jessica reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

March 1, 2016 ·

This is the best place to go for a car or truck. They are such awesome people.even ehen there is an issue john is there to check it out and the girl in the office are super friendly an helpful..thanks alot im enjoying my for fusion..its awesome

Wendy Alves reviewed Affordable Auto Sales - 5 star

March 22, 2017 ·

I purchased a car from them and was completely satisfied. They even help with any repairs you may need. The whole staff make you feel comfortable they don't push you into anything,